Data and Studies


Gallup (released in 2020)

“Self-employed workers with only one job — as opposed to those juggling multiple jobs — rate their work situation higher than workers in one traditional full-time job as an employee.”


“3 in 5 freelancers say they make the same or more than they’d make working for a traditional employer.”

47% view freelancing as a long-term career

60% of freelancers say there is no amount of money that would convince them to take a traditional job

ADP Research

“More than 70% of 1099-M gig workers say they are working independently by their own choice, not because they can’t find a ‘traditional’ job. Most seem happy with gig work and place a premium on flexibility as a driving motivation behind their decision, over financial security or benefits.”


“Lawmakers may view freelancing as a last resort, but 75 percent of respondents chose to freelance because they prefer it to full-time work. Additionally, a little more than half of freelancers said they have access to more professional opportunities than they would as full-timers.”


IRS/US Treasury

“The largest share of workers with independent contractor income are those in the top quartile of earnings.”

FreshBooks Cloud Accounting

73% of self-employed women say they have a better work-life balance; 68% of self-employed women earn the same or more money than in a traditional job; 59% of self-employed women say they have less stress; 57% of self-employed women say they’re healthier.

MBO Partners

“More than half of full-time independent workers say they feel more financially secure as independents than in traditional jobs, a record high. Seven in 10 full-time independents say they plan to continue their current path.”


US Bureau of Labor Statistics

“79 percent of independent contractors preferred their arrangement over a traditional job”


US Government Acccountability Office

“More than 85 percent of independent contractors and the self-employed appeared content with their employment type”

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