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USDOL Independent Contractor Rule Should be Implemented Immediately

Today, Fight For Freelancers USA submitted this public comment, asking the Biden Administration to withdraw its delay of the new U.S. Labor Department Independent Contractor Rule. This rule should be implemented immediately to protect the majority of America’s independent contractors, who repeatedly say they want to remain independent contractors.

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Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) acknowledges “independent contractors are not all the same”

As reported in The Washington Post: “We know that independent contractors are not all the same — some are misclassified or would prefer to be treated as full-time employees, while others genuinely prefer to be independent contractors and use this kind of work to supplement other employment,” Sen. Mark R. Warner (D-Va.) said in a statement. “My position has simply been that a one-size-fits-all model that locks you into benefits with one employer might not work for everyone and, frankly, doesn’t work all that well right now for people that want to either try something new or start their own business. We should be testing different strategies at the local level and uncovering what works best for workers long-term.” … Read more …

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Reclassifying Gig Workers is a Bad Idea

Ron Busby, president and CEO of the U.S. Black Chambers, writes in New Jersey’s Asbury Park Press: “There’s an ill-conceived notion that reclassifying these independent contractors/gig workers as employees is good for workers and for small businesses. It is not, as the good people in the great state of California demonstrated when they rejected reclassification efforts there.” … Read more …

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Stop Drafting Independent Contractor Legislation without Giving Independent Contractors a Seat at the Table

As reported by Law360: “The position in the Biden plan on independent contractors is not only confusing but also seems to have ignored the position of one of the key stakeholders: the freelancers themselves. Seeking to change the test in order to curtail independent contractor relationships and instead promote the employment of freelancers appears to be out of touch with the overwhelming preference of those service providers.” … Read more …

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California’s Prop 22 Victory is a Stinging rebuke of AB5, which tried to force companies using independent contractors to reclassify them as employees

As reported by NBC News THINK: “The passage of Prop 22 teaches us that if lawmakers won’t listen to the valid concerns of independent contractors the easy way, by giving us an equal seat at the table and crafting reasonable legislation that protects us along with traditional employees, they will be forced to listen the hard way, as laws like AB5 are publicly gutted at the ballot box.” … Read more …

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Public Comment on Proposed U.S. Labor Department Rule for Independent Contractors

Today, Fight For Freelancers USA submitted this public comment with regard to the U.S. Labor Department’s proposed rule for defining independent contractors under the Fair Labor Standards Act. We are grateful that USDOL is working to help us maintain our status as independent contractors.

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US Senate Minority Leader Acknowledges Major Problem in PRO Act

US Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) promised freelancers in an online webinar late last week that he would listen to their concerns and work with them to find a solution for the Protecting the Right to Organize, or PRO Act (H.R. 2474), marking the first time a prominent elected Democrat has acknowledged a major problem with the bill. … READ MORE …