Independent Contractors Are Not Exploited Workers, Scabs, or Tax Cheats.

Lawmakers and labor unions have likened independent contractors to:


Tax cheats

Exploited employees, like sweatshop workers

While Fight for Freelancers USA acknowledges true cases of worker misclassification and supports reasonable legislation to address those instances, we are not any of those things.

Scabs? No. Nearly two-thirds of America’s writers and authors are independent contractors. While some lawmakers insist that we can all find full-time jobs, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. During the past decade, media and publishing jobs have been decimated by the internet and other factors. For many writers, freelancing is the only way to continue to work in the industry.

And, 79 percent of independent contractors say they prefer to work for themselves. Many prefer being their own bosses so they can be free to raise children on their own time, to serve as caregivers for ailing relatives, or to have a more healthy work-life balance.

It’s the flexibility, stupid.

Tax cheats? Please. Unlike W2 employees, whose Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) payments are subsidized 50 percent by their employers, 1099-filing independent contractors pay the full amount in a 15.3 percent self-employment tax.

Exploited? Absolutely not. Many independent contractors choose freelancing over full-time, traditional jobs because of health reasons or caregiving responsibilities. Plus, one in five earn more than six figures.

When the ABC test is codified into law, certain professions are immediately thrown into chaos, with their clients limiting or outright ending existing and future contracts:

• Freelance journalists, writers and editors
• Photographers
• Videographers and video editors
• Graphic artists
• Cartoonists
• Musicians
• Newspaper carriers
• Interpreters (including language translators and sign-language interpreters)
• Small advertising and marketing agencies
• Clowns, jugglers and other entertainers
• Specialty therapists
• Social media experts
• Truckers
• Website developers
• Software coders
• Chiropractors/specialty therapists

We are FIGHT FOR FREELANCERS USA, a non-partisan, grassroots coalition of independent contractors who oppose the PROAct. Join us.