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Three Years On: Evidence Clearly Shows Lawmakers Must Stop Attacks on Independent Contractors

This week marks three years since California’s ABC Test-based Assembly Bill 5 was signed into law, kicking off a nationwide, union-led effort to reclassify tens of millions of self-employed Americans as employees who would then ostensibly gain traditional jobs and become eligible for unionization. But in the three years since this anti-independent contractor push began, its primary results have been the destruction of independent contractor careers and widespread citizen backlash against lawmakers and regulators who continue to champion the idea. … Read more …

Press Release

Fight For Freelancers Files Amicus Brief with National Labor Relations Board

Today, Fight For Freelancers USA led a nationwide coalition representing more than 250,000 independent contractors in filing an amicus brief before the National Labor Relations Board, in defense of the right to choose self-employment. Read our press release here or read the amicus brief here.

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Former NLRB Chairman: PRO Act’s ABC Test “Would Substantially Unravel and Change Large Segments of the U.S. Economy”

As published by JD Supra and written by former National Labor Relations Board Chairman Phillip Miscimarra, along with former NLRB member Harry Johnson III: “The PRO Act’s adoption is likely to mean that many businesses and service providers who currently maintain a lawful contractor relationship will violate federal law merely by continuing the arrangement, which may result in substantial litigation and potential liabilities, even though none of the participants wanted the relationship to change.” … Read more …