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Reclassifying Gig Workers is a Bad Idea

Ron Busby, president and CEO of the U.S. Black Chambers, writes in New Jersey’s Asbury Park Press: “There’s an ill-conceived notion that reclassifying these independent contractors/gig workers as employees is good for workers and for small businesses. It is not, as the good people in the great state of California demonstrated when they rejected reclassification efforts there.” … Read more …

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Is Anyone Actually Editing The New York Times Editorial Page?

As reported on DailyKos: Nothing has changed for Uber drivers in California since the legislation went into effect six months ago. What has happened, instead, is a drawn-out legal battle between Uber and the state while thousands of other Californians are being thrown out of work in more than 300 professions documented so far — none of which The Times even bothered to mention, if the editors even realized it is happening at all. … READ MORE…

Articles and Op-Eds

Laws to protect Uber drivers could put freelance journalists out of business

From The Washington Post:

In 2003, I walked away from my full-time, $80,000-a-year job as the executive editor of a national magazine. I had no other job lined up; I just had a hunch, having worked in the publishing business for about a decade, that I could have a better work-life balance and make a lot more money if I put out a shingle as a freelance writer and editor. … READ MORE …