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Stop Drafting Independent Contractor Legislation without Giving Independent Contractors a Seat at the Table

As reported by Law360: “The position in the Biden plan on independent contractors is not only confusing but also seems to have ignored the position of one of the key stakeholders: the freelancers themselves. Seeking to change the test in order to curtail independent contractor relationships and instead promote the employment of freelancers appears to be out of touch with the overwhelming preference of those service providers.” … Read more …

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Public Comment on Proposed U.S. Labor Department Rule for Independent Contractors

Today, Fight For Freelancers USA submitted this public comment with regard to the U.S. Labor Department’s proposed rule for defining independent contractors under the Fair Labor Standards Act. We are grateful that USDOL is working to help us maintain our status as independent contractors.

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I Don’t Want To Be Anybody’s Employee

As reported in Reason: “They all say their stance is about protecting workers, even though California’s example has taught us that such regulations cripple huge swaths of the middle class, denying people the flexibility they want and the cash flow they need. And flexibility and cash flow will both be all the more important as COVID-19 forces many of us to change the way we work.”… READ MORE

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Is Anyone Actually Editing The New York Times Editorial Page?

As reported on DailyKos: Nothing has changed for Uber drivers in California since the legislation went into effect six months ago. What has happened, instead, is a drawn-out legal battle between Uber and the state while thousands of other Californians are being thrown out of work in more than 300 professions documented so far — none of which The Times even bothered to mention, if the editors even realized it is happening at all. … READ MORE…

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Unions Are Hurting Working People Under The Guise Of Protecting Them

As reported in Forbes: “The world has changed, and turning back time isn’t an option. Time for everyone, including the unions, to recognize that the country has significant economic problems at the individual level. Cutting the livelihood of millions—with the full knowledge that there aren’t enough jobs to place them into—is irresponsible, selfish, short-sighted, unrealistic, and heartless.” … READ MORE …

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Welcome to Ms. Kavin’s Neighborhood. Today’s Lesson: The ABCs

From Daily Kos:

The issue of “worker misclassification” is becoming key to the Democratic Party’s campaign plans this election year, both at the federal and state levels. Presidential candidates Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders all have voiced support for a federal version of California’s recently enacted AB5, which would make everyone an employee until proven otherwise. … READ MORE …