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Report: 59 million Americans are freelancing amid turbulent labor market

As reported by TechRepublic: “There is ‘a very wide range of activities that count as freelancing,’ compared with traditional employment, according to Upwork. ‘Freelance work can vary from selling goods online a few times a year to delivering groceries a few times a month to working as a full-time programmer or accountant.'” … Read more…

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Workers Quit Jobs in Droves to Become Their Own Bosses

As reported in The Wall Street Journal: “The number of unincorporated self-employed workers has risen by 500,000 since the start of the pandemic, Labor Department data show, to 9.44 million. That is the highest total since the financial-crisis year 2008, except for this summer. The total amounts to an increase of 6% in the self-employed.” … Read more…

Articles and Op-Eds

Tech Freelancers Help Companies Plug Talent Gaps

As reported in The Wall Street Journal: “Tech freelancers see a lucrative seller’s market for their skills, said Thomas Vick, a regional director at the technology divisions of staffing firm Robert Half International Inc. “They can actually make more money working on projects as a contractor than what they would as a full-time employee.” … Read more …