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10 Reasons to Hate ‘The Worst Bill in Congress’

From the National Retail Federation: “One provision has the potential to completely upend business models that allow individuals to work independently. The PRO Act would codify California’s controversial ABC test for classifying workers as either employees or independent contractors. That test severely limits opportunities for individuals to pursue independent work and has resulted in job losses in California.” … READ MORE …

Articles and Op-Eds

House Vote on Union-Backed Bill Sets Up Test for 2020 Elections

As reported in Bloomberg Law: “House Democratic leadership’s decision to bring the bill up for a vote, fresh off organized labor providing important backing for the new North American trade deal, is part of a strategy to leverage union support in the fall elections. Democrats hope to use the bill’s worker-friendly platform to provide a boost at the polls in an election year when economic inequality will be a dominant theme.” … READ MORE …

Articles and Op-Eds

Laws to protect Uber drivers could put freelance journalists out of business

From The Washington Post:

In 2003, I walked away from my full-time, $80,000-a-year job as the executive editor of a national magazine. I had no other job lined up; I just had a hunch, having worked in the publishing business for about a decade, that I could have a better work-life balance and make a lot more money if I put out a shingle as a freelance writer and editor. … READ MORE …