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PPP vs. PRO: A textbook case of cognitive dissonance in Washington

As published in The Hill: The truth is that Americans like me need to be saved not by, but from deeply misguided ABC Test legislation. Any lawmaker who agrees with making PPP better for small-business owners now, and who agrees that nonemployer firms like mine are important to the U.S. economy going forward, must also vote no on ABC Test laws like the PRO Act. … Read more …

Articles and Op-Eds

“The federal labor legislation that would kill my livelihood”

As reported in The Week: “If the PRO Act passes, the ABC test will not protect me as a worker. It will harm me. It will derail my career and drastically reduce my income. And it will do the same for millions of other Americans in the many lines of work I’ve mentioned here — including many medical workers filling in at hospitals overwhelmed by COVID-19 cases.” … Read more …

Articles and Op-Eds

The PRO Act is Becoming Labor’s Amateur Hour

As reported in Forbes: “The claim that this move has no meaning outside of the National Labor Relations Act is either a misunderstanding of the larger context or disingenuous deception. … Shrugging off the personal concerns of potentially many millions of people, numbers of whom have shown themselves capable of running political and media campaigns to turn back what are attacks on their livelihoods, is unnecessarily building legions of enemies of those who were previously friends.” … Read more …

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USDOL Independent Contractor Rule Should be Implemented Immediately

Today, Fight For Freelancers USA submitted this public comment, asking the Biden Administration to withdraw its delay of the new U.S. Labor Department Independent Contractor Rule. This rule should be implemented immediately to protect the majority of America’s independent contractors, who repeatedly say they want to remain independent contractors.